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About Bioject

Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. is a leader in the development of needle-free injection therapies with over 25 years of experience improving the administration of liquid medications; pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biologics.

Bioject's technology works by forcing liquid medication at high speed through a tiny orifice held against the skin. This creates an ultra-fine stream of fluid that penetrates the skin, delivering medication in a fraction of a second. Bioject's systems are designed to deliver injected medications comfortably, accurately, and quickly - without the use of a needle.

Bioject was founded in 1985 to develop needle-free injection systems to improve the comfort and safety of routine injections. From its early work focused on improving the characteristics of these delivery systems, the Company has created a broad technology platform for delivering a wide range of medications and vaccines to the subcutaneous, intramuscular and intradermal depths.

Bioject has developed a portfolio of injection systems based on its core technology, the foundation for which is more than 80 issued and pending patents and an extensive body of technical know-how. These include durable devices designed for heavy use in a professional healthcare environment, and small, lightweight injectors designed for home use. With partners, Bioject is also developing inexpensive, pre-filled, disposable injection systems. Further validating its technology, Bioject and its partners have the largest volume of published studies using needle-free injection technology systems.

Bioject's strategy is to form strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and animal health companies. The result is mutually beneficial agreements with these partners to develop customized injection systems to enhance the delivery of their injected medication or vaccine. Bioject has alliances with leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and animal health companies. Bioject's products are also used in public health, Physicians offices, and in cutting edge biomedical research at leading institutions around the globe.


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