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Advantages to Our Partners

Bioject believes that licensing its needle-free injection technology to a drug company partner creates a mutually beneficial relationship. The partner benefits by packaging their injected product in an attractive, non-threatening format that patients will prefer over competing products delivered with needles. In addition, Bioject's technology offers clear benefits and low developmental risk - unlike patches or inhalation-based drug delivery methods, Bioject's systems do not require reformulation of the injected product's chemistry in order to work.

The unique advantage and capabilities of Bioject's needle-free technology can differentiate a product in a crowded market, generating significant sales increases, and improve quality of life for the patients.

Competitive advantage

  • Product differentiation - Custom branding of outer molding
  • Quick to market – have achieved FDA clearance within 90 days in some cases
  • Increased market share – Customers have shown increased market share
  • No re-formulation required
  • Well-established Intellectual Property
  • Commercialized products for both home and professional use
  • Qualified, cGMP manufacturing


Collaborative Research Agreements


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