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Products Overview

Bioject has a portfolio of needle-free injection products to meet the varied needs of today's healthcare environment. Each product is unique in its power source. 

Biojector® 2000 Needle Free Injection System

The Biojector® 2000 is a durable, professional-grade injection system designed for healthcare providers. The Biojector® 2000 is the only needle-free system in the world cleared by the FDA to deliver intramuscular injections. The system can also deliver subcutaneous injections, and is being used for intradermal injections in clinical trials. Click here to learn more

Bioject® ZetaJetTM

Bioject’s new ZetaJet™ system is the latest advance in needle-free delivery systems, offering a significant array of unique product features and patient benefits that can provide highly competitive differentiation to a wide variety of injectable market segments. Click here to learn more 

Bioject® Drug Reconstitution System

The Bioject® Needle-Free Drug Reconstitution System has a connector that allows the user to withdraw medication from a vial without using a needle. This accessory makes the Bioject system 100% needle-free. Click here to learn more

Needle-Free Vial Adapter

The Bioject® needle-free drug reconstitution vial adapter is a non-sharp plastic device that replaces a fill needle for accessing medication vials making syringe filling completely needle-free. Click here to learn more


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