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Iject® and Iject® R

*Investigational use only and in development; not yet cleared by the FDA.



The Iject® is a small, lightweight, gas-powered injection system being developed for home or professional use. This system has two versions, one is a pre-filled, single-use disposable injector, and the other is a reusable injector that accepts pre-filled medication cartridges.




The Iject® is a versatile injection system that can be adapted to deliver subcutaneous, intramuscular, and intradermal injections, as well as a variety of injection volumes. By integrating key design elements from Bioject's other systems, the Iject® uses proven needle-free technology.

Because the Iject® features a pre-filled syringe, it is designed to be a customized delivery system for specific injected medications and vaccines. Bioject intends to license the Iject® technology to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who wish to improve the delivery of their injected products.

Bioject intends to license the Iject® technology to many different pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for delivery of non-competing products. Bioject anticipates producing a whole family of Iject® devices, each specially customized for the delivery of a specific injected drug or vaccine.

For more information, please refer to our Iject® brochure.


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