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Jupiter Jet™*

Jupiter Jet

The Jupiter Jet, a unique hand-held device that is capable of administering small volumes (0.03 to 0.2 mL) of drugs at SC, ID* or IM depths. It has a variable volume adjustment and will accept a standard pre-filled syringe. The device uses a small CO2 cartridge when applied for self-injection therapy or can be adapted to a small CO2 tank for use in a clinical setting.

The Jupiter Jet can be customized with pistol-shaped or cylindrical and is an ergonomic, gas-powered injection device being developed for patient and professional use. It is capable of delivering low doses of injectable (0.03 - 0.2 mL) at subcutaneous and intramuscular injection depths. It can be loaded using a standard, pre-filled (3 mL, 5 mL or 10 mL) vials or syringes. It is powered by either a gas cartridge (similar to that powering the Biojector® 2000) or from an external CO2 tank that connects to the Jupiter Jet via a hose. The injection nozzle is disposable.

The Jupiter Jet is simple and very easy to use – essential traits for a product targeting the self-injection market. It can be loaded with a standard pre-filled syringe vial allowing for multiple variable-dose injections with a single loading. This feature allows the Jupiter Jet to be well suited for regular self-injection or procedures with repeat injections. Not only does this design reduce time and effort involved in loading the drug into the device, but also using a standard syringe vial reduces the costs associated with using the Jupiter Jet.


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